2022 NonProfit Bootcamp Offer

Create more value for your members in 2023

We have enjoyed our conversations so far with regards to the NonProfit Bootcamp. There are some exciting updates coming in 2023 and we can’t wait to share them with you, as well as help you provide the most value within your membership.

Take advantage of this special offer just for you!

How it Works

» Make a $500 deposit by December 31st, 2022.

» Pay remaining balance by March 1, 2023

What you Get

» As soon as receive your deposit we will start our onboarding process including giving your members access and your 1 hour launch strategy call.

» Renewal date will be March 1, 2023 moving forward (3 months free)

What Happens if you Wait Til 2023?

You can absolutely wait til 2023.  However, don’t miss this opportunity to get a few months free and have a say in some of the updates and upgrades we are working on for Q1.

Upcoming Workshops

Setting up your Systems for Better Mission Fulfillment

December 6 @ 10:00 AM CST

As we near the end of the year its a great time to review your systems. Megan Fries will share some tools and tips for setting up your documentation, accountabilities and team, and institutional knowledge sustainability.

with guest Speaker Megan Fries

Previous Workshops

Making the Most of Your Giving Tuesday

October 20 @ 12:00 PM CST

Is email a part of your non-profit’s Giving Tuesday strategy? It should be! Email is one of the best digital direct response channels and on Giving Tuesday it can help drive more donors to your website. In fact, in a recent DataAxle report, 48% of donors reported email as their preferred channel for fundraising asks. Let’s get ready to make this your non-profit’s year for a great Giving Tuesday campaign leveraging the power of email!

with guest Speaker Vanessa Chase Lockshin

7 Tips to Write Grants Like a Pro

September 22, 2022

Uplevel your grant writing these 7 tips from grant writing expert, Holly Rustick. This is perfect if you’re new to grant writing, or you know that the process could be easier but don’t know how!

with guest Speaker Holly Rustick

The Donor Journey Explained: A Roadmap to Grow Generoisty at Scale

August 25, 2022

Learn how to create donor experiences that are personalized yet automated so you can scale your fundraising.

with guest Speaker Brian Funk, Virtuous CRM

How to Keep Your Board Engaged in Resource Development All Year

June 28, 2022

Recruiting the right board members for your organization is essential. Board leadership can break or make a nonprofit. In this practical and insightful session, Sabrina gives a step-by-step plan to attract, recruit and retain the right board members.

with guest Speaker Sabrina Walker Hernandez

How to Create Value Driven Conversations

May 25, 2022

Create more value in your conversations with donors in both the 1:1 and online space. You’ll learn how to connect more with the conversations you’re having so you can get more donors.

with guest Speakers Patrick Kirby and Sami Bedell-Mulhern

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