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Spring Clean Your Membership Workshop

Based on conversations with over 40 Chamber of Commerce Executives, adding value to members was their top priority.

But the question remains – How do you know which ideas your members really care about?

Watch a replay of this FREE workshop to help you build the RIGHT value for your membership and let go of things that they don’t care about.

This two hour workshop will »

  • Give you fun and creative ideas for value add – we’ll be sharing some examples we’ve seen from other Chambers and also some new ideas.
  • Strategies and tools for how you can find out what your membership truly wants.
  • Ways to identify what value add elements of your current membership people are connected to and what you can let go of.

This training is for you if:

  • Adding value is a priority for your organization.
  • You feel busy running events but no one is showing up.
  • Growing your membership has stalled or slowed down.
  • You have a retention goal that is a top priority.
  • Want more consistency in your own organization.

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