2022 Bonus Workshops

Making the Most of Your Giving Tuesday

with Vanessa Chase Lockshin

Original Air Date October 20 @ 12:00 PM CST

Is email a part of your non-profit’s Giving Tuesday strategy? It should be! Email is one of the best digital direct response channels and on Giving Tuesday it can help drive more donors to your website. In fact, in a recent DataAxle report, 48% of donors reported email as their preferred channel for fundraising asks. Let’s get ready to make this your non-profit’s year for a great Giving Tuesday campaign leveraging the power of email! 

Guest Speaker

Vanessa Chase Lockshin headshot

Vanessa Chase Lockshin

The Storytelling Non-Profit

Vanessa Chase Lockshin is a consultant specializing in non-profit storytelling and fundraising, author of The Storytelling Non-Profit: A practical guide to telling stories that raise money and awareness, and the creator of immersive online training programs for non-profit professionals. Vanessa’s approach goes beyond strategies and tactics to empower non-profit professionals to be the expert their organization needs.

Vanessa has helped clients raise millions of dollars, increase a monthly giving program to over 5,000 donors, and develop winning digital strategies.

Vanessa’s fundraising career started at The University of British Columbia, her alma mater. Her clients have included: Barnard College, Meals on Wheels Association of America, Girl Scouts of the USA, British Columbia Children’s Hospital, Senior Medicare Patrol, The Dixon Transition Society, Zanesville Museum of Art, Win Without War, and OpenMedia.

How to Create Value Driven Conversations

How to Keep Your Board Engaged
in Resource Development all Year

with Sabrina Walker Hernandez

Original Air Date June 28 @ 2:00 PM CST

Recruiting the right board members for your organization is essential. Board leadership can break or make a nonprofit. In this practical and insightful session, Sabrina gives a step-by-step plan to attract, recruit and retain the right board members.

Guest Speaker

Sabrina Walker Hernandez headshot

Sabrina Walker Hernandez

MPA with Supporting World Hope

Sabrina is a certified consultant, coach, facilitator, & bestselling author that helps small nonprofit Staff & Board build relationships that convert into more donations. She has over 25 years of experience in nonprofit management, fundraising, and leadership. Among Sabrina’s successes is that she increased operation revenue from $750,000 to $2.5M and completed a $12M comprehensive capital campaign in the 3rd poorest county in the United States. She has facilitated numerous workshops with hundreds of nonprofit and business professionals. Sabrina is certified in Nonprofit Management by Harvard Business School. She is an active community leader and volunteer in Edinburg, Texas where she is based.

The Donor Journey Explained: A Roadmap to Grow Generosity at Scale

with Bryan Funk

Original Air Date August 25 @ 9:00 AM CST

Guest Speaker

Bryan Funk Headshot

Bryan Funk

Virtuous CRM

Bryan believes in the power of actualization. The heart of his work has been centered around helping others realize just how powerful they really are. He loves to support the limitless possibilities in people and their organizations and has seen firsthand the exponential growth of online fundraising.

He spent the last decade leading global peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns, raising millions of dollars, forging synergistic partnerships with influencers and nonprofits, and mobilizing thousands of people across a variety of cause areas including human rights, peace building, enhancing civil society, and mental health.

During this period while working at Invisible Children, the team stewarded KONY2012 – the fastest growing viral social justice and online fundraising campaign in the history of the internet (at the time). The digital campaign garnered 100M views in 5 days and raised millions of dollars to support the efforts to bring warlord Joseph Kony to justice.

His path has been full of synchronicities and is grateful to work in the social impact space weaving his past, present, and future ambitions for a better world by putting the right tool in the hands of nonprofits to unlock exponential growth through Responsive Fundraising at Virtuous

7 Tips to Write Grants Like a Pro

with Holly Rustick

Original Air Date September 22 @ 3:30 PM CST

Guest Speaker

Holly Rustick headshot

Holly Rustick

Podcast Host & Bestselling Author in Grant Writing

World-renowned grant writing expert and Amazon bestselling author Holly Rustick coaches thousands of people every week through her top-ranking podcast, Grant Writing & Funding, books on grant writing, and via the Hub Haven on taking actionable steps in grant writing.

Having secured millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations around the world throughout for nearly two decades, Holly has a mission to train grant writers to simplify the process, grow capacity, and advance mission.

Holly has an MA in International Political Economy, is past-president of the Guam Women’s Chamber of Commerce, a former university instructor, and is an unapologetic feminist. Holly lives on the island of Guam with her beautiful daughter, Isabella. 

Setting up your Systems for Better Mission Fulfillment

with Megan (Fries) Finn

Original Air Date December 6 @ 10:00 AM CST


Guest Speaker

Megan Fries headshot

Megan (Fries) Finn

Frenzy to Freedom

Megan, owner and operational strategist at Frenzy to Freedom helps high achieving business owners and managers get to the next level. She specializes in operational and financial strategy which often involves documentation, accountability setting, budgeting, and testing and measuring of metrics that let people know they are on track.  Learn more at: https://frenzytofreedom.com

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