2023 Bonus Workshops

Removing Bias From Conversations for Better Success

with Denise Morrison

Original Air Date January 24 @ 1:00 PM CST

Now that we’re past the busy giving season, its time to rest, reflect and think about how we show up for ourselves, our team and our donors. During this session you’ll start to understand how you are showing up, unconsciously, to conversations with biases that may not get you the results you want from the conversation. You’ll learn:

  • how to listen to understand our inner voice and how it affects our conversation
  • how what we tell ourselves changes the way we show up in conversations
  • ways our biases affect our personal, work and donor relationships


Guest Speaker

Denise Morrison headshot

Denise Morrison

Holistic Health & Life coaching

Hello, my friend. I’m Denise Morrison, I’m a Transformational Guide and Thinking Partner for powerful women who want to live to their full potential. 

After having worked for many years in healthcare, I felt a pull and a passion to work with people on a deeper and more transformational level.

My academic mind was drawn to the evidence-based practices of nutrition and exercise, but I was also compelled by the more mystical therapies emerging from neuroscience and quantum healing.

I sought out the best trainings in health and wellness, life coaching, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) so that I would have access to the most powerful tools to help others change their lives for the better.

Learn more at https://deniselynnmorrison.com

Turning Your Goals into Actionable Projects: Stop Procrastinating and Achieve Your Goals

with Chelsey Newmyer

Original Air Date February 22 @ 12:00 PM CST

Setting goals is just half the battle. Once you know what your goals are, making sure you stay focused and execute on the plan is crucial whether you’re a team of 1 or a team of 100. This live workshop will help you ensure you have the right goals set for your organization and the plan in place to knock them out of the park.

What You’ll learn

  • Best practices for setting goals
  • How to use a project management framework to achieve your goals
  • How to overcome procrastination and find motivation (because setting the goal is easy!)


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Guest Speaker

Chelsey Newmyer headshot

Chelsey Newmyer

Chelsey Newmyer is a nerd for time management and productivity. She started her business to help nonprofit leaders and business managers maximize their time by getting the personalized productivity they need to reach their goals. After a decade in the nonprofit world, Chelsey understands the challenges of needing to maximize limited resources – including time – to get major results! She’s a Navy spouse and lives on Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba with her husband and their dog, Leia.

Learn more at https://chelseynewmyer.com 

Raise More Money at Your Events

with Dean Crownover

Original Air Date March 28 @ 11:00 AM CST

Events are back! Donors are itching to give! Your organization is ready to host a fundraiser! But what is the best way to raise money, build relationships and create momentum for your nonprofit’s mission? Join Dean Crownover, one of the nations best and most requested auctioneers, to walk through the most effective strategies to raise money at your next gala or fundraising event. From setting the stage for giving to a step-by-step process to enhance any event with a fund-a-need, this highly energetic webinar will help organizations of any size raise more money with less stress.


Guest Speaker

Dean Crownover headshot

Dean Crownover

Dean Crownover is an Atlanta-based benefit auctioneer with over 25 years of professional entertainment experience – the last 12 as a benefit auction specialist. His love of good causes and nonprofit organizations shows in his attitude and performance at every event. Dean’s popularity soars due to two skills that make him unique – he can control even the rowdiest crowd while bringing in maximum donations and bids. He travels the United States raising millions of dollars for his clients. Learn more at https://workwithdean.com 

How to Get Buy In for your Big Projects

with Rebecca Undem

Guest Speaker

Rebecca Undem headshot

Rebecca Undem


Everyone has something to contribute and the way to light up a place—a company or a community—is to help people find a way to use their gifts.

If we’re not growing, we’re dying.

Doing nothing is a choice.

By trying to please everyone, you please no one, including yourself. By being more of who you are, the people who are meant for you will more easily find their way to you.

If you really want something done in your community, you’re likely the someone you’ve been waiting for!

Learn more at https://rebeccaundem.com/

Escaping the Multiple Destination Trap: How to Maximize the Impact in your Nonprofit

with Anthony Taylor

Original Air Date May 23 @ 1:00 PM CST

You might have heard of a strategic plan, but do you know why you need one? Or what a good plan looks like? Without a clear strategic plan, your team risks being stuck in the multiple destination trap, which will limit your non profits ability to have the impact you want. In this workshop you’ll learn from the CEO of SME Strategy on how to make a strategic plan that help you have the impact you want.

You’ll learn:

  • The cost of the multiple destination trap
  • How to align your board and staff
  • How to get stakeholders bought into your vision

Guest Speaker

Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor is the CEO at SME Strategy Consulting. At SME Strategy, he works with leadership teams and leaders to align their organizations by helping them create and implement strategic plans. In the past ten years, he’s given dozens of keynotes and facilitated hundreds of strategy sessions. Some of his clients include the University of British Columbia, Xerox, The State of Alaska Department of Education, Little Man Ice Cream, RAM Restaurants, AkzoNobel, and others. He’s also the author of I Wish I Knew, a book about entrepreneurship and Alignment, a book about developing team alignment. He’s also the host of the Strategy & Leadership Podcast.

Creating Short Form Video Content | Strategy + Demo

with Ben Hendrick

Original Air Date June 28 @ 1:00 PM CST

Short form video content can make a big impact on your marketing. It can also be used on multiple platforms like Facebook and Instagram Reels, TikTok, Pinterest Video pins and YouTube Shorts.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to create short form video content and also Ben will walk you through simple steps to creating content with your phone.

Guest Speaker

Ben Hendrick headshot

Ben Hendrick

Ben is a video editor with 12 years of production experience in a variety of industries. Ben’s current focus is on creating short-form videos for social media platforms. He works with personal brands and consultants, helping them effectively communicate their messages through video. Throughout his career, Ben has developed a reputation for his creativity, technical expertise, and ability to work collaboratively with clients to achieve their goals.

Outside of video, Ben is an accomplished musician/songwriter and has traveled the world playing guitar in alternative rock bands. He lives in Akron, OH with his wife and 2 Australian Shepards.

How to Communicate the Value Your Membership Provides

with Travis Toliver

Original Air Date August 23 @ 11:00 AM CST

If you are a Chamber leader or nonprofit with a membership or monthly giving program, then you know what it’s like to have to continually share the value provided to them. You probably talked them through it when they first signed on, but what about after 3 months, a year, or even longer? They may not be taking advantage of the majority of what it is you’re providing.

Travis Toliver will walk through ways to engage your membership and increase retention rates simply by better communicating value.

Guest Speaker

Travis Toliver headshot

Travis Toliver

President, Waverly Chamber of Commerce

Currently, in his nineth year serving as Executive Director for the Waverly Chamber of Commerce and the Waverly Main Street Program, Travis continues to use his acquired skills to help better the Waverly business community, the State of Iowa and the upper Midwest. He proudly serves on the board of directors for the Mid-American Chamber Executives, Waverly Area Development Fund, Waverly Chamber Music Series, Waverly Economic Development Commission, Wartburg College’s Institute for Leadership Education and Waverly’s Sister City organization which helps to maintain relations between Waverly, Iowa and Eisenach, Germany. At the end of 2021, Travis stepped down from the Iowa Association of Chambers of Commerce board of directors, after serving six years and two terms as its board chair.

Travis is a 2020 graduate of the Institute for Organizational Management (IOM), a four-year professional development program of the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation. In 2021, Travis was honored to be appointed by Iowa Governor, Kim Reynolds, to her Empower Rural Iowa Initiative’s GROW taskforce which focuses on addressing the recruitment and retention of emerging leaders in rural communities throughout the state.

Travis is highly sought after as a consultant, facilitator and public speaker throughout the Midwest in the areas of leadership, customer service, relationship building, board governance/orientations and strategic planning. He is also an accomplished voiceover artist, emcee, narrator and opera/musical theater performer. Before moving to Waverly, Travis spent almost 20 years in hotel hospitality, serving in operational leadership roles for such brands as Mirage Resorts, Station Casinos, Radisson, Starwood’s Luxury Collection and Historic
Hotels of America. What Travis loves most is spending time with his family; his wife Dr. Nicki Toliver (a tenured professor of music at Wartburg College) and his five-year-old twin boys – Carson and Tiegan. Together they proudly live in Waverly, Iowa.

The Truth About Payment Processing

with Jennifer Nielesky

Original Air Date September 26 @ 11:00 AM CST

There are some basic costs of doing business that we just can’t avoid. Credit card processing is one of them. Did you know that you can negotiate your rates with some companies and that not all credit card processing is the same?

This is definitely a weird space to navigate with a language all its own so Jennifer Nielesky is here to talk through all the things to consider so you can keep more of the money your raise and earn in the bank and not spent on fees!

Guest Speaker

Jennifer Nielesky headshot

Jennifer Nielesky

Founder, High Desert Merchant Services

My professional life is a mix of hospitality and entrepreneurship. When I started a family, working nights was no longer an option. I didn’t like missing nighttime baths, books, and snuggles!

Early 2018, I got involved in the payment processing space. Over the years I have vetted several processing companies, forged relationships, gained deep knowledge about various systems, and have pre-negotiated rates for my clients; better than they get on their own.

Today, I proudly help Businesses with all their payment processing needs. Thanks to those who have allowed me to serve them in this capacity, I enjoy the good fortune of earning an honest income while also being present as a Mom.

I thank my clients by ensuring they keep as much of their hard-earned money as possible, enjoy excellent service, and have a partner in payments for life.

How to Communicate the Variety of Services You Provide

with Sami Bedell-Mulhern & Patrick Kirby

Original Air Date November 2 @ 10:00 AM CST

You do a lot of incredible things at your organization. Sometimes its hard to communicate all the ways you support you community. During this workshop, you learn from Patrick Kirby how to customize conversations with donors to match their motivations. Then Sami will demo a tool you can use digitally to allow people to learn more about their area of interest and connect with you.

What you’ll learn:

  • ways to communicate what you do without causing confusion.
  • how to use conversations to match your donors motivations with the right funding opportunity.
  • tools to help you streamline your process.
  • how to develop connections with automations.

Guest Speakers

Sami Bedell-Mulhern & Patrick Kirby

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