NonProfit Bootcamp 101

Welcome to the Nonprofit Bootcamp! Make sure you watch this short video below to get the lay of the land and some helpful tips for navigating the course. Download the workbook and check out page 6 if you need support with where to start first!

  • Getting Organized
    • Intro to Getting Organized
    • Setting Your Goals
    • Creating Your Plan
    • Getting the Right Team In Place
    • Tracking Your Goals
    • Mastering Your To-Do List
  • Board Governance
    • Intro to Board Governance
    • What is the Real Role of a Board Anyway?
    • Building Blocks of Functional Governance
    • Bonus: What is your Board Supposed to Do?
    • Bonus: Building an Effective Board
    • Bonus: Board Expectations
    • Bonus: Managing Your Board
    • Bonus: Board Essentials: Tools
  • Marketing
    • Intro to Marketing
    • Storytelling and Messaging
    • Marketing to Fill Your Programs
    • Marketing for Brand Awareness
    • Marketing to Increase Donations
    • Unlock Bonus Marketing Lessons
  • Donor Management
    • Intro to Donor Management
    • Importance of a Donor CRM
    • Monday’s are for Planning
    • Tuesday’s are for Doing!
    • Wednesday’s are for Documenting
    • Thursday’s are for Celebrating
    • Friday’s are for Appreciating
  • Fundraising Activities
    • Fundraising Events 101
    • Monthly Donor Programs
    • Asking for Money
    • Google Ad Grant
  • Making the Most of Your Chamber Membership
    • Making the Most of Your Chamber Membership
    • Networking

Upcoming Workshops

June 28 @ 2:00 PM CST
How to Keep Your Board Engaged in Resource Development all Year

August 25 @ 9:00 AM CST
Your Donor Journey

September 22 @ 3:30 PM CST
7 Tips to Write Grants Like a Pro